Correspondence System


Correspondence and Document Management System (CMS & DMS)


More advanced features that give you the best solutions to manage correspondence and documents

The system deals with all the axes of Document and Correspondence Management that help entities manage correspondence (paper and electronic) and documents safely and effectively, and manage daily operations smoothly and under supervision and control, by automating work on correspondence and documents through sending and sharing documents, preservation and archiving, referral and tracking, Get the tasks done.
من نحن

Why correspondence and Document Management System

الوصول للمعلومات في أي وقت و أي مكان Fully compliant with the highest standards of information security
Easy and simple correspondence and document management process
Integration with any system, Microsoft Office and SMS portal
Improve efficiency and productivity
Availability of statistical reports
Fast, smart and dynamic search and content search
Integration with the unified government correspondence system "Yesser"
Multilingual support including English and Arabic
Provide an independent document management system
Manage referrals on correspondence.
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